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One Day

Do you know that feeling of dread when you wake up and look ahead at all you have to accomplish in a day? That’s how I felt yesterday. I have been rocking a cold for a solid week, so I’m not at the top of my game anyway. There were so many events on the schedule that they started to feel like obligations.

But one call changed everything.

A beloved employee from my husband’s school died unexpectedly. He was such a sweet and sassy man that I’m not sure how the school culture will move forward without him. He was so loved by staff and students. That one call shifted everything into focus. Isn’t it weird how loss can do that? You’ll be cruising along taking everything for granted, and then you get a crashing reminder that life is fragile, we are not promised anything past this moment, and mortality is real.

My day switched from a list of obligations to an incredible collection of moments I would never want to miss. Here’s a snapshot:

Cross Country State meet for the middle child. He placed 55 out of 213 runners.

B is on the right, his buddy on the left, and their amazing coach in the middle!











Our youngest boy played his first game for his new basketball team.









Baby girl got new pajamas!









My oldest brought his girlfriend home with him from college and it was her 19th birthday!









And my second son had his junior homecoming dance.










My son with his beautiful girlfriend!










They both made the homecoming court!











Even my husband goes to Homecoming! haha









When I woke up yesterday morning, I thought, “One day…one day I will get to rest and not have to run at such a crazy pace.” But then my perspective shifted and I thought about how much beauty this ONE DAY held. I am an incredibly blessed girl. It is not always easy, and there were some not so sparkly moments between each of these pictures, but wow, this one day was pretty great!

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